What We’re Looking Forward To And Our Predictions For Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black

What We’re Looking Forward To And Our Predictions For Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black

With Season 3 of Orange Is New Black on the horizon…. I’m sure we’re all wondering what to expect to see this upcoming Season.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to and some of our predictions for Season 3.

Alex Vause: The best thing about Season 3 is sure to be the fact that Alex Vause(Laura Prepon) will be in all 13 Episodes. I look forward to seeing how she finds out about what landed her back at Litchfield(Yes! Piper’s Shady Ass) and how it will effect their relationship. Based on spoiler pics released forever ago(I won’t spoil it) I think we’ll get see some back stories that will of course have us all sad, and depressed as hell… but hey we get Alex back in all episodes… Also since we know Stella will stir up some shit with Vauseman we have to wonder how that will all come into play…. eeek! I guess we’ll have to wait and see!!

Larry: What can I say!? We know that Jason Biggs will not be in Season 3 at all. Does this mean Piper won’t have any visitors or interaction outside the Litch this season! Hmmm! Who’s sad about the lack of Larry!? Ha!

Backstories: Without back-stories I’m not going to lie ‘Orange Is The New Black’ would be weird… like we need those.. so I’m sure we’ll get plenty! I look forward to seeing some from the characters we haven’t gotten to know more about like: Flaca(Jackie Cruz), Big Boo(Lea Delaria), Caputo, The Meth heads and more… I also predict that we will dive further into Pousseey’s life prior to the Litch, more Nicky, Pennsatucky, Morello, Chapman, Vause, Mendoza, etc…

Freedom: At some point people have to get released from Prison right!? That means Piper as well.. I look forward to the release of at least one of the main characters.. it’s Season 3 someone has to go eventually right… very sad but true.. I’d rather them be released than die off like Tricia!

New Inmates: Yes Yes Yes! We need fresh faces… not to take away from main character but to make things a bit more interesting. We got Vee & Soso last year…. but what can we expect this season? One of my favorite episodes from Season 2 was Episode 1, the ladies were non stop funny and I’d love to see some of them pay a visit to the Litch… We know that Lolly(Lori Petty) is coming back for Season 3 but does that mean there’s a chance that we get some of the other ladies too…?

Stellllllla: Love it or not… drama is always good.. As we’re not 100% sure  how many episodes Ruby Rose will appear in as Stella, can we just say we’re excited to have a new addition to the show even if it’s for 1 or 2 episodes.. We all know that she will come along and shake things up with Vauseman, but maybe they need a little shaking to get things back on track!

Daya & Bennett: So yeah how long can someone be preggars!? 9 months right! So this baby has to drop like soon as in this Season! Since we know that Pornstache’s mom will make an appearance this season can we assume that she will want to take the baby away from Daya since she claimed it was Pornstache’s  baby. This will be very interesting because I don’t see Bennett letting his child get away from him,  but he has to cover his ass or go to jail himself… What will they name the Baby!? Hmmmmm!

Meth Heads: How much will see of them this season!? I’m hoping for tons they were amazing last season and I would love to see some of their back-stories. Now that Pennsatucky is best friends with Big Boo one has to wonder how that entire thing will play out….!

Litchfield: Who’s in control now!? Will Fig join the ladies in the Litch!? Will there be new rules oh god! Maybe Blair Brown as something to do with all of this!?

Tidbits: A Wedding? Maybe! A Funeral(Back-story)!? Maybe! Fights… Umm yes there has to be fights! More Sophia!? Yes please I miss her! Little Poussey!? Ha! Little Nicky!? Ha! More Visitors!? Yes Please!? Sex in the Chapel!? Hmm I wonder! Releases!? Let someone out… not just the Bennett baby!


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