Via THR: ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Casting Director Reveals How She Found Diverse Stars

Via THR: ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Casting Director Reveals How She Found Diverse Stars

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Casting Director Jennifer Euston was recently interviewed by THR where she talked about how she found the actors to fill such powerful roles on the show.

Euston most definitely didn’t disappoint with her choices, as most of the leads on the show were recently nominated for Emmys and the show itself wouldn’t be what it is without the actors alone.

In the article she offer a little insight on what her thoughts on the characters and what she sought in the actors to fulfill those roles.

Kate Mulgrew, 59 (Galina “Red” Reznikov)

As a self-proclaimed Star Trek geek, Euston was excited to bring in Mulgrew (aka Voyager‘s Captain Janeway) to read for Red. “She scared me because she’s so intimidating,” Euston says. An added bonus, Mulgrew was game for changing her look, later cutting her hair and dyeing it for the role of the kitchen boss. Adds Euston: “She transformed into this force of nature.” (Among the women passed over for the part: Barbara Rosenblat, whom Kohan later cast as Miss Rosa, the cancer patient prominent in season two.)

Laura Prepon, 34 (Alex Vause)

Prepon initially auditioned for Piper, but she didn’t quite have the girl-next-door feel Kohan had envisioned. The showrunner has said, “Laura Prepon in prison? I don’t worry about her.” Instead, Kohan tailored for Prepon the part of Alex, a one-time drug smuggler and Piper’s ex-girlfriend. To hear Kohan tell it, she found she had no other choice: “I was so dazzled by how f—ing good she was that it just was like, ‘All right, what are we going to do with her?’ ” Prepon will return for season three as a series regular.

To get a little insight on what Euston & Kohan were looking for to fulfill Piper’s, Sophia’s, & Crazy Eye’s roles you can check out the full article here.

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