Taylor Schilling’s Film ‘Stay’ Set To Hit iTunes on September 1st!

Taylor Schilling’s Film ‘Stay’ Set To Hit iTunes on September 1st!

While we all know Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman on Netflix’s hit show, ‘Orange Is The New Black’ before she was prisoner she starred in the drama Stay.

Stay, an Irish and Canadian drama starring Taylor Schilling, as Abbey, a young woman whose happy existence with her boyfriend Dermot (twice Emmy-nominated actor Aidan Quinn) is upended when she gets pregnant and he is too immature to consider the idea of fatherhood.

Avoiding sentimentality, Stay focuses instead on subtle character development, exploring human interactions and relationships. Tension is skillfully orchestrated in this film, manifesting itself in the film’s arresting dichotomies, both visual and emotional. In Stay, the vast Western Ireland landscape is set against the intimacy of the interior scenes, rural Connemara is set against urban Montreal, and Abbey’s youth is contrasted with Dermot’s age. Abbey’s pregnancy and her boyfriend’s reluctance to take responsibility creates the final divergence between old and new.

The film hits iTunes September 1st. Stay tuned as we’ll be doing an review of the film and more.

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