Orange Is The New Black Star Laura Prepon Chats With i-D Magazine

Orange Is The New Black Star Laura Prepon Chats With i-D Magazine

Orange is the Black star Laura Prepon recently opened up to i-D magazine about her character, Alex Vause and more.

You can check out a portion of the interview below….

How do you think Series 2 develops?
With the first season, you’re just trying to establish all the characters and figure out who everybody is. The second season, you’re re-establishing them and doing a backstory on everybody else and then by the end of Season Two you know who everyone is. So with Season 3, you can really blow it out of the fucking water! What season is Game of Thrones on right now? And they’re just blowing up. It’s the same with Breaking Bad. When all the characters are established, the writers can just do whatever they want, because they don’t have to worry about exposition.

Do you have much in common with your character Alex?
I mean, I’ve never smuggled drugs across international borders. One thing I do relate to with Alex is that she’s very worldly, she’s seen a lot of things, she’s done a lot of things. The thing is that she’s very power hungry. She loved running this international drug smuggling cartel. She just loved that power. She’s a strong independent woman and people always say that I am too. We do have a lot of similarities, but she’s a lot more cutthroat than me, I care about the people around me and how they’re affected by what I do. She’s a lot more selfish.

What’s been the hardest scene for you to play so far?
The scenes that I find the hardest are the most satisfying for me. When we were filming Season One, I don’t know if you remember, Taylor and I had this scene where we were in my European apartment and we were fighting and my mother had just died and she’d just left me. That day was so awesome as we had crying scenes and fight scenes so at the end of the day you just feel so satisfied as an actor. Even the episode where I was locked in the dryer, I’m just like ‘Whatever, I’ve never acted in a dryer before’. It’s all a learning experience.

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