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Thanks to the lovely team behind PaleyFest, we had the opportunity to cover and be a part of the Fan Driven Event. Being huge fans of Orange Is The New Black, we loved every single minute of  it.  On the red carpet we had the opportunity to meet Michael Harney (Mr. Healy), Laverne Cox (Sophia Burset), Yael Stone (Lorna Morello), and Danielle Brooks (Taystee)!

As we arrived at the Dolby Center, we received our press badges and was fortunate enough to be sandwiched between other amazing entertainment outlets. The first person to arrive on the carpet was OITNB’s Jason Biggs followed by Danielle Brooks & Laverne Cox.

We’re huge fans of Danielle Brooks and was so excited to finally meet her. She was very down-to-earth and very appreciative of her fans. She talked about “being nervous about the event itself, but being excited to see the fans.”

When we first revealed our fan posters months ago, Danielle along with others were excited and wondered how they could get one of the printed versions. As we handed her a poster, the excitement was still there. She grabbed her poster and hugged it saying the artwork was beyond amazing and she really appreciated the hard work.

As OITNB’s Laverne Cox was standing close-by while we were chatting up Danielle, with excitement she loudly says to Nikkona (Co-Beyond) ‘I love your hair’ and Nikkona quietly replied ‘Thank You’. Just by seeing and being so close to Laverne you could pick up on her enthusiasm and her positive energy. A well spoken woman who’s passionate about so many things and she’s not shy at all.

We had the opportunity to meet the lovely Yael Stone who is a sweetheart and very soft spoken. We were able to snap a quick pic of her as she stood gracious and appreciated all we’ve done for the show and the fans overall.

While at this point most of the actors were being pulled from the carpet for the start of the panel we finally got to meet Michael Harney, who is a total sweetheart. He shook our hands and talked about how great we’ve done and continue to do so. He also had the chance to get one of our posters and of course was amazed about how well crafted the artwork was. He thanked us and told us to be sure to keep up the great work.

As the stars walked by we were able to get a few pics of Laura Prepon, Natasha Lylonne, Kate Mulgrew, and Taylor Schilling.

We were then escorted to our seats in the theatre, which were less than 8 rows from the stage. We couldn’t have done any of what we did without PaleyFest being so amazing and allowing us to come along as fans and share in the excitement with other fans of ‘Orange Is The New Black’.

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Thanks so much to the PR Team as well as PaleyFest itself for the amazing opportunity and we look forward to being a part of other events in the near future.