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By Monica M.

When Netflix released it’s original series ‘Orange Is The New Black’ last summer it became a hit and changed how viewers watched television. Fans found themselves drawn to the characters on the show, but the overall fan favorite became Alex Vause portrayed by Laura Prepon.

We recently had the opportunity to chat (you can check out the full audio of this interview at the bottom of the page) with Laura Prepon about her character, filming the new season, and some of her favorites from the first 2 seasons. She also opened up to us about being featured as one People Magazine’s most beautiful people and how she maintains her beauty. We then played a quick game of ‘Beyond This or That’ where she had to pick one thing over the other.

OITNB.COM: Have you had the chance to watch all of Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black?

Laura Prepon: I have not, because we’re already filming Season 3 and I just moved back to New York — so between moving and shooting — I haven’t been able to watch all of it but I watched some of it and it’s awesome.

Were there any scenes in Season 2 that were difficult to film?

I mean, I don’t know about difficult but I mean on the show we’re pushed out of our comfort zone in a great way and it really helps you grow as an actress. So whenever there’s a scene that’s quote unquote difficult I don’t really look at it like that. But there were scenes that were like technical, like the scene in Episode 10 when my girlfriend beat up Piper and everything — that was like a technical scene with like the fight and everything we had to figure out…but it’s always fun.

How do you think your character would’ve interacted with Vee?

Honestly, she probably wouldn’t have been scared of her. My character deals with some pretty gnarly dudes in her drug ring that she ran, so I think that Vee wouldn’t have been able to get to her. That would have been interesting.


What do you think the glasses represent for Alex Vause, if anything at all?

It’s just such a part of her. I don’t know what it represents I just think that it’s such a part of who she is. You know she’s really smart, she’s a bad-ass — I don’t know what they would represent other than it’s just a part of who she is — her rockabilly flair — just part of her thing.

Thus far, what have been your favorite quote from the series?

Girl these are tough questions. They’re tough questions because there’s so many and I literally was just getting back from 2 years of work. I don’t know. Everyone always loves ‘Come Be My Little Spoon’…you know.. that’s always a really good quote. Yeah, I like that one.

Who would be the ideal person to guest star on the show?

Yeah I mean, that’s hard too because the show is so authentic and all the characters are so authentic. You can’t have anything that can be jarring anywhere that would be like subcasting. It’ll be cool to get someone like Queen Latifah in there. I recently did her talk show and she’s so awesome. She’d be awesome.

What do you normally do to pass time on set?

I usually hang out with the girls or working on lines and stuff. I don’t know — there isn’t like a lot of time to really pass. It’s weird because I don’t like to do a lot of other stuff because I want to keep my head in the scene. I usually just hang with the girls or we talk about a different way we could do a scene or whatever.

Out of the entire series what has been your favorite episode of Orange Is The New Black?

Jesus, these are not easy questions girl. You’re making me have to stand back through all of them. Shoot I don’t even know. The screwdriver episode was pretty good, I don’t know what number that was. Honestly, all the shows are so different… like each storyline was good and talked about so many different characters it’s hard to pick just one, because one episode will be an amazing storyline for like Sophia and the next one is a great storyline for Piper. It’s so hard to choose. When people ask people me who would I want to be my prison wife, I’m like I can’t choose cause I love all these characters so it’s hard cause different episodes focus on different back stories. I loved Sophia’s back story. It was really cool.

lauraPM_You were recently named one of People Magazine’s most beautiful people… What was your initial reaction to the news? And how do you maintain your beauty?

Oh thank you. Well first all of when they first asked me to do it, I was totally flattered because that’s a really great issue that they put out every year and to be a part of that was very humbling and flattering — it’s incredible.

Honestly to maintain.. it’s really hard work. Any actress that tells you it’s not, is lying. Because it is… it’s a lot. You always have to kind of be careful about what you’re eating — you have to work out all the time. It’s a lot of upkeep and I’m all about doing things the healthy way and the real way. So I kind of make it harder on myself but I like to do everything naturally so I’m not going to lie… it’s a lot of work.

Is there anything you would like to say your fans that have to wait for the Season 3 return of Orange Is The New Black?

Honestly, I would say that the fans are incredible and the fans of the show are some of the best fans I’ve ever come across and that we will exceed their expectations in Season 3 and I think that they’re going to be really pleased.


We named 2 things and Laura had to pick one one over the other.

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Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black is currently streaming on Netflix.

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