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My Story: The Laura Prepon Interview

My Story: The Laura Prepon Interview

We recently had the opportunity to chat with the One & Only Laura Prepon (Alex Vause). The experience was by far the greatest thing that has happened to us while being a part of this fandom! The weeks leading up to it I had people say, ‘you must do it, no one else will and you deserve the opportunity to do so.’  Days leading up to it I grew some balls, and got over it and said I’m doing this and I’m doing it not for myself but for the fans.

The Day Of:

My palms were sweating, my heart was racing, and of course I was on the brink of passing the fuck out! Then the time came!

When I picked up the phone and after a minute or so… this recognizable voice came through the line , within seconds I had to figure out how to separate myself from being a fan who was on the brink of passing out, to someone whom had every right to be nervous and chat with this person. After a minute or so of talking, it started to sink in that I was on phone with Laura freaking Prepon.. I nervously asked her questions, she replied with nothing but honesty and didn’t feel the need to hold back with the fact that my questions were hard. 5 minutes into the conversations I realized that I was still on the phone with Laura freaking Prepon, I felt as if she could’ve been doing anything in the world at that moment… but for 5 minutes she was on the other line with a fan. I continued with my questions and she continued to answer. 9 minutes into the conversations I came to terms with the fact that yeah I was talking to Laura freaking Prepon, but at that point she was a person just like us! She greeted me like anyone else would, she responded to my craziness like anyone else would, and she treated me like a person like everyone else should.

The Days After:

The time leading up to sharing this with everyone, was nerve wrecking as hell.. because you can’t please everyone. There would be those that were happy, and those who just didn’t give a shit, and of course those that despite listening to it, or reading it would just be meh and critical about everything.  First off I have to say thank you to those of you that have express their support, said nothing but great things, and rooted for me the whole way through (you know who you are). I have also to thank the others as well.. everyone can’t be pleased so I just have to think about myself and how much I enjoyed the experience.

Laura Prepon loves her fans, knows her fans by their names ‘(Kelly & Claire) congrats ladies’, she signs autographs, and I myself am living proof that she doesn’t mind taking time out of her day to actually chat with a fan via phone.

Thank you Laura P., Thank you to everyone that made this happen I’m so lucky to have the relationship that I have with you and can’t wait for the awesome things that are happening in the future. 😉

And thank thank thank thank you to those who despite me wanting to give up so many times and wanting to back out of it… I thank you so much for sharing in my excitement, coaching me, sitting with me on the phone for hours pretending to be Laura (haha voice and all), those of you that could actually keep a damn secret, to those of you that once it was done dropped everything called me, text me, and reached out… thanks so much for making sure I wasn’t dead! You guys alone pushed me to make this happen… Thank You So MUCH!

You can check out the full interview here!