Highlights From The Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Trailer!

Highlights From The Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Trailer!

Yes we finally got a trailer for Season 3: Here’s a few highlights and moments that stood out to us:

Looks like everything is well with Black Cindy, Poussey and Taystee again.. thank god! Vee how dare you try to ruin their friendship.

New Inmates!? Yes! Looks like some of our Chicago girls will make Litchfield their new home in Season 3.

Big Boo got a new do boo!? She looks like a emoji now! What the hell has Pennsatucky done to her!? Looks their friendship has blossomed.

Alex Vause! Is back and she’s kicking ass! Looks like she and Lolly don’t get off to a great start. Can’t wait til Piper drops the bomb on her about ratting her out…! Why is she crying!? Hold me!

Gloria & Sophia having a disagreement!? Hmm! Sophia what are you up to!?

Red is back….Woohoo! Her and Piper are still Bunk-mates! Will she find out about Piper lying about her family business!? Hmm!

Morello who are you watching outside the window!? Is someone being released or coming back!?

Pennsatucky is all normal now! Like WTF! She’s taken Morello’s job of transporting the newbies to the Litch! Hmmm interesting.

Daya & Gloria taking a smoke break! Hmmm so she does have the baby.. but why does she look so sad!? Did Bennett get the baby or Pornstache’s mom!? Or does she lose the baby!? I’m really hoping not!

Soso finds a new friend in Sister Ingalls…. Sister Ingalls what’s the story behind those beeds!?

Why is Piper wearing blue? What does blue mean!?

Sophia gets a visitor!? Could this person have something to do with the reason Gloria wants her ass outta her kitchen!

Norma… Will you talk this season!? Please say yes!

Chang my favorite…. of course she loves everybody!!!

Nicky where are you!? Doesn’t look like Litchfield! Hmmm!!

Crazy Eyes writes Alien/People fanfic! Hahaha!

Check out some the screencaps below!



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