An Exclusive Look At The OITNBZinePak

An Exclusive Look At The OITNBZinePak

We recently had the opportunity to team up with ZinePak to do some OITNBZinePak giveaways. The response was amazing and we’re looking forward to the winners receiving their OITNBZinePak Soundtracks by mail. Our giveaway consisted of having Orange Is The New Black fans either guess the songs from the soundtrack that matched the scene or finish the lyric to the theme song from the show.

When we received our OITNBZinePak in the mail we were blown away by the contents. We were also grateful to the team at ZinePak for giving us the opportunity to review and share this incredible package.

As you can see in the images, every single thing about the OITNBZinePak was well put together, laid out perfectly and most definitely worth buying!

The soundtrack alone will remind you of all the great scenes throughout Season 1 and of course prepare you for Season 2. As nice as the music is, it’s the magazine that makes the OITNBZinePak a must have for fans of the show. So much of the content that was included on the pages of the magazine are things that we sat up for hours going through episodes and researching to learn. From character break downs to cast backgrounds, interviews and so much more. This will absolutely blow you away! The time that was put into this package made me appreciate every single thing that ZinePak has done because we were (Beyond) impressed.

We won’t spoil to much of what you can look forward to in the Magazine because of course we want you to be as surprised as were…but you can expect the following:

  • Interviews
  • Photos
  • Trivia
  • Background info on the show, the characters, & the actors
  • Most notable quotes from the show
  • and so much more….

Finally, we believe that the OITNBZinepak is a fan must have. It’s packed with a 12-track CD featuring songs from Season 1, a 64 Page Magazine, and two Stickers. This package will be exclusively sold only at Walmart Stores but you can pre-order it here before its May 13, 2014 release date.


Images from the OITNBZinePak:

Images of our Giveaway Graphics:

Thanks so much to the people at Zinepak for being so amazing throughout this process and taking such great care of us. We look forward to working with you guys in the near future (Maybe The Season 2 Soundtrack?)

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